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The impatience you may feel of finally setting foot in the city and scouring every crevice can be alieved by getting a digital head-start with city's many live webcams.With so much to see, here is a list of the ten best webcams in Amsterdam to hold you over until your trip.Things actually get more interesting during street concerts, processions, or events that occur.This is a great way to gather current weather and traffic information as the camera is available day and night.The physical camera is an Axis Q1755 surveillance camera.This model is able to deliver up to 1080i H.264 compressed RTSP streams. If we manually set brightness/contrast/etc then it works during daytime, but not at night. Currently the camera is set to auto-adjust, which is the best option ('sucks the least').On a clear day the Venezuelan mainland is visible from the south-eastern coast.

Weather camera of the famous and old city of Maastricht which is located in the southern of Netherlands.

The camera is located at the intersection of this busy area giving you a clear view of the entire place and the constant traffic.

You can see how full of life this one section of the city actually is.

Click on any of the links below to see current weather data from that location, time lapse pictures and live video.

A popular meeting place for the locals in the Netherlands, Koningsplein in Amsterdam is located between the Herengracht and Singel canals.