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For example, "What would constitute a “perfect” day for you? "Don't "swipe right" only because you find someone good looking.

Have an honest conversation with yourself and figure out what it is that When you start a conversation with someone online, ask them a lot of questions. Instead, ask fun questions that can really give you an idea of who is on the other side of the screen.

So try to be the best possible version of yourself, accept your flaws and confidence will start to come much more naturally.

Don't try to be someone else just to please other people.

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Analyze your failure, figure out what you did wrong and learn from your mistakes.

So, you’re in the market to begin dating again and all sorts of questions are popping up with regards to dating, yet you keep reading about a dating Guru and wondering if it is something you should consider. A dating guru will be someone who has worked extensively in the field of building relationships.

Someone who is extremely successful at dating people and who is willing to share their wisdom with others to help them become a success too. Well, you’ll need to choose the best dating Guru for you.

One of the biggest mistakes people do when diving into dating world is not knowing what they want. Don't go for the "type" of people you usually are attracted to. From my experience, waiting a week or two before meeting in "real life" is optimal.

Physical appearance is somewhat important, but it's NOT what you should base your choice on. In addition, you'll be surprised how some people look 100x better in real life. Let's say you start talking to someone, the conversation flows, you find them attractive, everything is going great... Have fun with it, don't make any plans for your future together, go with the flow. It doesn't matter, because you'll have a good time regardless of the outcome.