Dating short woman

(To be fair, I am arguably both a moron and an asshole.) Refusing to date short men out of fear you’ll “look funny together” or that you won’t feel comfortable wearing heels — two of the common reasons preaches against — is rull, rull dumb, ladies.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s just that through this article we want to tell guys that the short girl you are dating is damn special and cute! Here are the #8 reasons why dating a short-heighted (but definitely not short of confident girl) is best thing ever! The way she lifts her toes to kiss your lips is something really very adorable! She has been pampered by all and especially loves it when done by you.Nothing can be cuter than watching your girl trying to get something off from the top shelf! Don’t you remember the coffee commercial in which Siddharth Malhotra picks up Anushka Sharma helping her to get the coffee jar?! Another yet most lovely feelings of dating a short girl is when you both hug each other she could just hear your heart beats! And when she does that you just hold her so tight from her waist in that way she can’t escape the rest of things after the kiss! She is the reason behind your smile most of the times! You can make her stay close to your warm chest and the best part is you can kiss her forehead! Whether if she wears your baggy T-Shirts or wearing heels she tells, she got taller than you! She knows how to deal with the world plus she also knows how to make that puppy face and melt anyone’s ego! These petite women (and the men who love them) know how to kick back and have a great time.Whether you're looking for a dainty partner for a great night out, or are looking to build a lasting relationship with a smaller woman, you'll find someone who shares your goals among our petite dating singles.