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The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the New York Police Department opened investigations into the incident, and prosecutors in the office of U. Attorney Preet Bahara have issued a subpoena for Weiner’s cell phone, according to CNN.If the 15-year-old’s allegations prove to be true, it would be at the discretion of the prosecutors to decide whether to prosecute the case federally or locally, either in New York, where Weiner resides, or North Carolina, the residence of the unnamed victim.The game lets players explore imaginary worlds and allows them to interact with other users over a chat function."I was asked to lay down on top of them and they started with sexual movements," father Iain Morrison told the media about his time on Roblox.Australian cyber safety expert Susan Mc Lean told ABC Radio Darwin the news report came as "no surprise".Netsanity’s Appblocker, and the new Gameblocker, accessible from your private parental/guardian dashboard, is the #1 feature requested by parents.Instantly block and unblock selected apps on your child’s Apple i Phone, i Pad, i Pod touch, or Android Samsung mobile device.

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Ms Mc Lean added that parents should be researching games online and checking in with parenting information on the website of Australia's Children's e Safety Commissioner.

If you watch the (ever so melodramatic) video demo, you’ll likely be as blown away as the Kickstarter community, who has already pledged over 0,000 to support the project. It’s a well-implemented idea that’s been presented in crystal clarity.

And more than that, it’s a solution that solves not just any old problem, but a problem that the designers themselves have encountered in their own lives.“My motivation has been to have better video chats with my 2.5-year-old son when I’m away on long business trips,” Guyot tells Co. “He holds my wife’s i Phone and walks around the house showing me his toys, drawings, and even the cat.

Roblox was founded more than a decade ago but in recent years has ramped up its global presence and accessibility on various devices, with its developers today claiming 44 million active players.

Its website states there are existing chat filters, with those logged in as being under the age of 12 placed under a "restricted chat" function to protect their wellbeing and safety.