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Nick Dwyer mentions that Yellow Magic Orchestra was the first artist in the world to sample a video game in a song.Game Central talks to NISA about their recent split with Atlus and the problem with bringing Japanese games to Europe.

Ever since Sega bought Atlus in 2013 the relationship with NISA has been strained, and now the two companies have broken ties completely.The history of video games is littered with the dead corpses of titles that never quite fulfilled their promise.Not because they sucked – far from it, in fact – but because they didn’t sell in anything like the number they deserved to.Coming into Thursday, Pena had hit only 2 home runs in 165 plate appearances. You can still see the new Rakuten Golden Eagles slugger bash baseballs.And even better, your dreams can now mingle with virtual reality -- at least if you live in Japan or know how to get around region coding on your video game device.