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Nuh kitten or catfish can nuh b....claat bother come because that cyah sing, else she cannot be on no more shows with me," he said in his post.

A social media firestorm was ignited following the posts by both entertainers, with their fans lashing out against each other, showing support and standing behind their entertainer of choice.

Wearing her hair swept back in her trademark bun, the royal accentuated her features with a slick of black eyeliner and delicate blush.While Payton, Vel Johnson, and Telma Hopkins (as Harriette's widowed sister Rachel) were initially the stars of the show, with the focus being around the Winslow family, Jaleel White was introduced as nerdy neighbor Steve Urkel during the middle of the first season in the episode "Laura's First Date"; Urkel, the lovesick pursuer of Laura Winslow (portrayed by Kellie Shanygne Williams), quickly became a popular breakout character with audiences.Shortly after the introduction of White as Steve Urkel, Shawn Harrison was cast in the role of Waldo Faldo, initially as sidekick to a bully portrayed by Larenz Tate that terrorized everyone and Urkel.They were victimised by black children because of their light skin: their father Louis was white, while their mother Beatrice was of black and Cherokee ancestry.This mixture was to give them an exotic, rather Oriental look.